The cosmetogenomic and glycobiology are at the heart of phytocosmetic research of LIQUIDFLORA™,
which is increasingly becoming more technological and innovative. The final result is ADVANCED ORGANIC MAKE-UP line, that represents the maximum point of the certified organic cosmetology.


A patented technology that expresses a new functional cosmetic concept: the bioavailable effectiveness. Glicobiology combines the skincare with two well-documented benefits:

INCREASE IN THE EFFICIENCY, as it helps the intradermic active ingredients penetration, allowing the maximum availability in the dermal and epidermal cells;

SKIN MOISTURE IMPROVEMENT, as it supplies a raw materials source for medium molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid physiological biosynthesis responsible for a deep hydration.


Genomic has brought to a better understanding of the delicate mechanisms controlled by genes that are at
the basis of skin beauty and health. Therefore, Cosmetogenomic stands as an innovative tool that, through a preliminary genetic evaluation, allows to set more specifically the safety and effectiveness of the active
ingredients used.

After the treatment the analysed genes have showed that the LEONTOPODIUM MERISTEM TECHNOLOGY™ complex plays, compared to LEONTOPODIUM MERISTEM complex, a more effective antiaging activity, increasing up to 7 times the presence of proteins responsible for skin renewal. Result at 6 hours after application. (source: CR&D -Milano).



MERISTEM HYALOBIURONIC TECHNOLOGY™: born from Nature, made available by technology.

A latest generation complex substances derived from Meristematic cells. These substances secreted from the bud apex are classified as Phenilpropanoids and are highly functional as they defend the plant from external aggressions like a cut, a wound, stress or thermal radiations (including UV rays) or condition “of apparent death“ (e.g. drying). If properly carried in, they penetrate and the specific biosynthetic mechanism necessary to maintain their integrity starts. The Phenylpropanoids play mainly an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action and work differently according to the nature of the plant cells used.

Leontopodium alpinum (Edelweiss): Antioxidant - Antiaging.
Stimulates the reproduction of fibroblasts and helps the biological natural mechanisms that are essential for the skin renewal. Inhibits those enzymes that causes collagen and Hyaluronic acid degradation. Moreover the radical scavenging activity protects the skin from environmental stress and photoaging. Result: a renewed, more hydrated, tonic and compact skin.

Echinacea angustifolia: Restructuring - Antioxidant - Anti-inflammatory.
Helps the formation of native collagen and plays an anti-collagen activity. Result: restructures the skin fibers for a more hydrated, elastic and compact skin. Thanks to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity, protects the sensitive skin from environmental stress.

Marrubium vulgare: Antioxidant – Detoxinant.
Neutralizes free radicals and increases the defensive capabilities of the skin. Moreover, the radical scavenging activity works jointly with the property of enhancing the enzyme system involved in the natural process of detoxification of the epidermis. Result: an overall protection from environmental stress and from photoaging damages.

Eco-friendly Quality
The Meristematic extracts used for the production of active substances are produced in Italy through an eco-friendly technological process and bring the following benefits:

• no flora depletion and no negligible land occupation;
• drastic reduction of the consumption of water and solvent;
• free of any contaminant, non GMO and no preservatives;
• high titre guarantee and standardized profile composition.

FLORAYAL – HP™ HYALURONIC ACID: High penetration Hyaluronic Acid for a dual moisturizing action.

An active ingredient of plant origin gmo-free made up of a complex of Glycosaminoglycans and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. Through a selective absorption in the skin layers, the different molecular weights carry out a dual moisturizing action by developing new hyaluronic acid and by physiologically slowing down the evaporation process. Result: a deep hydration and a velvety texture to the skin.