The forests are the lungs of our planet: provide oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide and help to fight global warming.

They are also the primary source of livelihood
for local communities as well as a resource for
the whole world. Unfortunately, in some countries
even the 80% of the forests is illegally cut, thus violating the human rights.

This jeopardizes the natural environment of these population and put at risk the animals that live in these territories and are subjected to the
depletion of forests.

An environmentally friendly use of plant resources reduces these risks by enabling forests to keep
on renewing themselves.

This is why we produce cases that have been made with climate friendly paper by respecting plant resources.



All LIQUIDFLORA packaging are certified as FSC. More details about FSC organization are available at the page concerning certifications.

The card used is highly technological by overlaying six layers with different characteristics: it’s an highly mechanical performance composite material.

With a light weight we have produced a casing with advanced structural properties.
The innermost layer, one of the six ones, is in turn multilayer, wood pulp, covered on both sides by other cellulose layers.

Inside each package there is a leaflet, which is made of FSC certified paper.