The petroleum-based plastics such as SAN, PS or ABS normally used in the cosmetic packaging production can cause well-known health and environmental problems.

All LIQUIDFLORA cosmetic bags and sticks are designed and manufactured in Italy using a BIO-BASED PLASTICS: INGEO™. It’s an innovative, environmentally friendly and made from raw materials of renewable origin substance such as corn, plants, cellulose.

This bio-based plastic is certified as food grade, GMO-free and phthalates and bisphenol free. This means several environmental benefits:

• saving of fossil fuels;
• reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

This leads to the reduction of the carbon cycle. Once they have been used, these materials might be used for:

• industrial composting;
• recycling;
• incineration.

These cosmetic bags and sticks are produced respecting the environment. To confirm the plant-based origin, the exposure to high temperatures (over 50 Celsius degrees) may cause deformation.