Shipping of Liquidflora products is quick and safe. To facilitate your purchases we have oversimplified the cost shipment range, which is based only on three levels depending on the total value of the ordered items.


Purchased value including VAT

up to € 49,99

from € 50,00 to € 79,99

over € 80,00


Additional shipment cost

€ 6,70

€ 3,50

free shipment


Orders placed on working days from monday to friday:

Orders placed on saturday, sunday and public holidays:


shipment within 48 hours

shipment within 48 hours from
the first working day


Once the order has been processed from our warehouse, this is handled by the shipping company in charge of the delivery. If delivery has not been successful due to the absence of the recipient or to other cause not depending upon the shipper or Liquidflora, we will try to propose again the delivery or to trace the recipient. If we were enable to deliver the order, this will come back in our headquarter, remaining available for the purchaser.

Domestic and Foreign countries

Liquidflora products are delivered on the whole Italian territory, as allowed by the features of this website. Residents people in EC foreign countries or countries outside the EC who are interested in receiving Liquidflora products are requested to write us. We shortly will evaluate a possible shipment, communicating terms and costs. This depends on the trade regulations of the country of residence and on the necessary logistic.

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