Returning purchased items

The return of purchased goods can take place within 10 working days from the delivery date of the products. This allows to change your mind about your purchase or as a result of incorrect assessments of color or product versions.

When returning items, these must be intact regarding both the inner content and the external packaging or secondary packaging. The inner product must be as undamaged as it has been received. If you have opened the package temporarily, when you close it you need to make sure that the leaflet is inside it and perfectly folded and that the carton is in its original condition. Tampered with or altered packages that are not equivalent to the original ones can’t be returned.

Returning methods

The packages must be placed in a cardboard box and properly packed to avoid damages during the transport. You can use the original box, provided good conditions of preservation. Then send us an e-mail indicating the imminent return, in order to give those information to our courier, who will pick up the package. We can also use a different courier. These procedures can be changed depending on the area of residence and on logistics, so we can’t give further details herein. We will be pleased to communicate via emal all circumstances for the return..

Returning times

The return provides for reimbursement within three days from receipt of the products in our headquarters. We will send you the confirmation by email. The methods for the refund of the amount will be communicated in the email above. Refunds may be operated by Credit Card, PayPal or bank transfer. In this case the IBAN and the holder of current account must be written on the return form that will be enclosed to the email.

Product warranty

The products are guaranteed under conditions and for a period of time to comply with the law. Liquidflora guarantees that its products have no manufacturing defects. Should they have such defects, we undertake to replace or to reimburse them. The warranty covers the product used in its range of application, and if properly preserved and kept with his biological nature, i.e. not exposed to the sun, heat, humidity or other improper conditions to its preservation.

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