Highly Secure

Online purchase of our products is very easy and safe. The page where you write your payment details, such as the number of credit card and other data, is protected by advanced encryption systems. In a corner of the browser you will see a closed padlock: the page is shown as https, that is to say protected and safe. To guarantee greater protection to the user the CVV code is requested: a control number printed on the back of the card. It is also possible to use other forms of payment.

Payment methods

After adding your products in the shopping cart, you can go through the purchase process. The payment methods accepted will be shown. The following payment methods can be used:

Bank transfer in advance

By choosing this method you must pay in advance the amount stated in the order. The payment of the amount can be made at your bank, writing the IBAN given in a page in the purchase process.

Credit card

Widespread and immediate method: once filled in the shipment data, it can be used selecting your own card through the PayPal platform, which is the secure system of payment processing chosen by LIQUIDFLORA.

The accepted cards are:

•  Visa - Visa/Postepay;
•  MasterCard;
•  Prepaid card PayPal;
•  Postepay;
•  American Express;
•  Aura Card

The PayPal system manages only the use of the cards, you do not need to be PayPal registered users or to register. If you do not have a PayPal account you can pay with your credit card or debit card as a not registered PayPal user. The order amount is authorized after your confirmation.

PayPal Account

If you have an account, on the PayPal system you can use it directly. It is also possible to create it by visiting thispage.


You can pay the ordered products directly to the courier during the delivery, with an extra charge of € 5,00 to be added to the amount of the order and to the shipping cost (in the case it’s due). you need to pay with CASH, in order for the payment to be accepted by the delivery staff.

VAT and Invoicing

The amounts indicated on the product form include VAT. The cart shows you the amounts and VAT separately. Since this website is not dedicated to professionals but to private users, the VAT number is not requested. The invoice will be headed to the name entered by the user when ordering.

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