Our ethic reflects what we consider as the most important guidelines: our makeup and cosmetics put health first, care about and respect the environment and do not test on animals. LIQUIDFLORA is thus committed to get important certifications to increasingly creating an high quality makeup.

All LIQUIDFLORA products are certified as ICEA - Environmental and Ethical Certification Institute – and as LAV – Anti Vivisection League, and almost every cosmetic is certified as VEGAN. Furthermore, all the paper industry used to pack the boxes, including the leaflet inside, are certified as FSC Forest Stewardship Council®. The certification logos, obtained for a product, can be found on every pack.


ICEA Certification

In Italy and Europe ICEA - Environmental and Ethical Certification Institute - is one of the most important institution in this field, with over 13,000 controlled companies with a strong ethical, environmental and social philosophy. ICEA aims to boost a fair and socially sustainable development by working both in organic farming fields and in other bio-ecological sectors. With regards to LIQUIDFLORA , Organic Cosmetic and Organic Makeup are at the heart of it.

ICEA has established a regulation related to Organic Cosmetics. These rules are shared by all the involved parties: representatives of the production sectors, of marketing, of the scientific world and, more importantly, consumers. The organic cosmetics certified by ICEA meet customer expectations with a healthy, safe and climate-friendly product. They further fully and transparently inform of what is meant by Organic Cosmetics.

Specific rules have to be followed for the production of organic cosmetics certified by ICEA: no banned substances use; no GMOs use; no ionizing radiation use; organic products use that are certified, in the cases provided for by law, and that must be included among the ingredients.

LIQUIDFLORA has obtained ICEA certification for every product of the ADVANCED ORGANIC line. The regulation states that this line of products must be entirely made by observing the following rules: raw materials use derived from organic farming or from wild harvest; no substances that are not ecological concerning both the production and the packaging; no raw materials of not plant origin considered "at risk", such as allergens, irritants or harmful substances for human health; reduction of climate friendly due to unnecessary or recyclable packaging; production through the latest eco-friendly techniques.

The recognized and approved ingredients used by LIQUIDFLORA are available both in the product documentation and on ICEA website. Each product has been awarded the assignment of its own reference number, related to the respective ingredients. LIQUIDFLORA is certified as ICEA with the following number: 228 BC 000 (000 stands for the reference of each product). See Certificate.


LAV Certification

Founded in 1977, LAV – Anti Vivisection League – aims to abolish the vivisection, protect animals and assert their right, protect the biodiversity and the environment and fight against the “zoo mafia”. Recognized by the Italian government as a non-profit organization, it cooperates with ministries, as part of ministerial committees and other state agencies. It is even a member of Eurogroup for Animals, European Coalition to End Animal Experiments, European Coalition for Farm Animals e Fur Free Alliance.

RESPECT FOR ANIMALS - LAV / CRUELTY FREE: "Not Tested on Animals" International Standard, promoted in Italy by LAV, is an internationally recognized regulation: the only guide for consumers that choose manufacturers against animal testing.

LIQUIDFLORA, in line with its own ethical vision and perfectly aligned with the ethical vision of LAV, is committed not to do test on animals – directly or commissioned by third parties; to supervise its own suppliers to assure that no animal testing has been conducted; not to use any ingredients derived from dead animals. Since ICEA is the competent body for an ethical evaluation of the products made by member companies, the control of this compliance with those standards is delegated by LAV to ICEA. LIQUIDFLORA is controlled by ICEA for LAV with the number 037.


VeganOK Certification

VEGAN represents a lifestyle, a diet and, more generally, is an ethic community against the exploitation of animals for any kind of use such as human or food needs. LIQUIDFLORA has adopted this vision. Consequently its production do not use animals or any ingredient derived from animals, nor imply the exploitation of animals for the extraction of ingredients. LIQUIDFLORA guarantees that no test or procedure that have led to this exploitation, including tests and checks on the finished product, have been commissioned for the production of VeganOK certified products.

This makes our makeup compatible and accepted by the Vegan community. For the time being, out of the whole catalogue only the concealer and the compact foundation cannot be considered Vegan because of the beeswax between their ingredients. LIQUIDFLORA is strongly working on this point to replace the wax with totally plant based ingredients.

GMO - The substances used in the VeganOK certified products NOT come from genetically modified plant crops. Should some ingredient is derived from corn and soy – two kind of plant genetically manipulated - the not transgenic origin has been verified with particular attention.


Vegetal Plastic©Symbol

The cosmetic bags and sticks used by LIQUIDFLORA are designed and manufactured in Italy and use a BIO-BASED PLASTIC. An innovative, environmentally friendly and made from raw materials of renewable origin substance such as corn, plants, cellulose. These new organic raw materials have huge environmental benefits, if compared to traditional plastics normally used in cosmetic packaging: saving of fossil fuels; reduction of greenhouse gas emissions; several disposal options, from industrial composting, to recycling and incineration.